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Best Mobile Analytics Tools

As a business owner, you must admit that product development isn’t enough to hold leadership in the market. You should monetize your app and...
6 min read

Mobile App Monetization Strategies

The current development of the world market led to a constant increase in mobile app monetization. On average, smartphone owners spend a month in...
7 min read

Types Of Animation For Mobile Apps

Animation for mobile applications is an important and integral element for creating a great user experience. Its critical challenge is to explain users the...
5 min read

How To Find And Hire The Best App Developers

As a startup owner, you want to find and hire the best app developers. Not only a final cost but also a high quality...
6 min read

How to Build a Stunning Food Delivery App like Grubhub or UberEATS

Most likely, you already know that the online food delivery market is growing rapidly. It’s confirmed by the figures of recent research—43% of all...
4 min read

10 Strong Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App

React Native is a framework for cross-platform mobile app development for iOS and Android. If you want to save time, money, and staff resources...
4 min read

Investors for Your Startup—14 Tips on How to Find the Best Ones

Hubspring Health, a cross-platform digital ecosystem for use in healthcare systems, won 25 000 USD non-equity grant at  . Guys from Prynt set a...
5 min read

How Ukrainian Companies Hosted Behance Portfolio Reviews

Every six months, Behance as the leading design-centric platform chooses companies to hold Portfolio Review Week. Such meetups take place simultaneously in more than...
2 min read

To Outsource or Keep It In-House? How to Make the Right Decision

If you read this article, then you’re thinking about your own product development. Final cost is important, and quality shouldn’t suffer. And the question...
4 min read